PSA – Utah Avalanche Center Free Program


The Utah Avalanche Center has created a new program online that offers 5 courses of avalanche/snow safety classes called Know Before You Go (via Utah Avalanche Center)

The most effective way to have fun and stay safe in the winter backcountry is to learn about avalanche safety. The backcountry doesn’t need to be scary or dangerous and you can go out in any conditions when you know something about how avalanches work and how to avoid them.

The Utah Avalanche Center has created a set of free interactive online avalanche eLearning courses. They are for anyone who wants to learn more avalanche safety skills, can’t take an on-snow avalanche class, or want to refresh and sharpen their avalanche skills. Going through these before taking a Backcountry 101, Avalanche Rescue, or Level 1 class will leave students much better prepared and ready to spend more time practicing skills. The courses use a mix of text, images, animations, videos, links to additional content, and interactive exercises to teach the basics you need to know before heading into the snow.

The Utah Avalanche Center hopes that everyone going into the backcountry this winter checks this program out and uses what they learn to get out, have fun, and come home safe.