Combining a passion for adventure and a love of exploration, Kim has spent her skiing career seeking out remote, exciting, and aesthetic objectives.

Combining a passion for adventure and a love of exploration, Kim has spent her career seeking out remote and exciting objectives. She has skied on all 7 continents, with first descents on 4, including in the Arctic and Antarctic, and adventured in over 50 countries. During her travels, she has climbed and skied big peaks in the Himalaya, Andes, and the Karakorum, and has carved lines on peaks across the globe from Morocco to Bolivia, Greenland, Norway, Argentina, Tibet, Japan, and New Zealand. She has numerous first female descents in Southwest Colorado and has completed many ascents and ski descents of 13ers & 14ers. In 2013, Kim completed 65 different routes in the Tetons, including the first female descent of the notorious Otter Body on the Grand Teton, and, in 2014, she went on to be the first woman to ski-guide the Grand Teton.

With a home base in the incredible Teton Range, she enjoys guiding for EXUM Mountain Guides and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Alpine Guides, and for Ice Axe Expeditions internationally. Though she started her career as an alpine ski coach in the Telluride, CO valley, she gradually transitioned into climbing and ski mountaineering and moved further north to pursue new mountains and opportunities in Wyoming. She has been an instructor and/or guide for numerous companies and ski camps, as well as being a 12-year past member of the San Miguel County Search and Rescue Team (and Advisory Board member), with medical, avalanche, and rescue certifications.

On the stage, Kim has participated in numerous film projects and also delivered multiple presentations and slideshows, moderated discussions, and hosted live broadcasts and live shows. In addition to her passions as an athlete and speaker, she is a freelance writer and recreational photographer.

Kim lives with her two great loves, Pete Linn and daughter, Charlie, and their two dogs, Goose (JHSP avalanche dog) and Red “Rooster” Cogburn (ranch dog), on the Linn Ranch in Wilson, WY. When not working, traveling, or playing in the hills, her days are filled with horses, cows, llamas, donkeys, dogs and chickens and the extended family at home as well, as helping Pete with ranch life and his Outfitting business – www.linnoutfitters.com.


The following is not a complete list but more of a general overview of some fun had over the years:


  • 2005 North Island & Main Island, climb & ski of Yotei-san


  • 2010 Central High Atlas Mtns – 6 summit descents, first descents
  • 2016 climbing and trekking trip


  • 2012 Mt Kenya – Lenana Peak & Batian Peak


  • 2011, 2013 Guiding for Ice Axe Expeditions, first ski descents
  • Antarctic Peninsula, Shetland Islands, King George Island – skiing


  • 2009 Gasherbrum II, 7,500m, skiing high point for women down to Camp III


  • 2014 numerous 1st descents (10+) in the Sisimuit, West Greenland area (North & South)


  • 2011 ski descents of the French Direct route from South Summit (20,000ft), Regular route, & Pomerape Volcano descents

The Yukon

  • 2015 ski expedition to Yukon (ski descents -including Mt Queen Mary – & various climbs/skis & exit out the terminus of the Kaskawulsh Glacier)


  • 2006 Chugach Range ski descents
  • 2008 Denali summit ski descent with 4-woman expedition, Rescue Gully ski descent
  • 2011 Tordrillo Range ski descents


  • 2009 ski descents in Horcones Valley & on Aconcagua
  • 2011, 2013 ski descents in the Martial Mountains, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego


  • 2011 Svalbard/Spitsbergen, 1st descents using sailboat as a base
  • 2013 new zone development on the Spitsbergen West Coast – 19 first descents


  • 2005 summits of Ama Dablam & Lobuche


  • 2010 complete ski descent from CAMP III on Shishapangma, climb to 7,600m


  • Selkirks, Whistler, Revelstoke, Kicking Horse


  • 2006 Kamchatka area


  • Multiple Areas and Descents


  • Multiple Areas and Descents


  • Multiple Areas and Descents including variation to Haute Route

Eastern Sierra

  • Various Summits and Ski Descents i.e. Bloody Mountain, University Peak, Norman Clyde, Mt Morrison, Mt Emerson, Mt Humphreys, Mt Locke, Bear Creek Spire, Tungstar Bowls, McGee Creek Peak, Mt Dana, Dana Plateau, Mt Conness, Black Mountain, Gilcrest Peak, Basin Peak, Matterhorn Peak, Incredible Hulk, & more.


  • 2013 1st Female Descent- Grand Teton- Otterbody Route
  • 2014 1st Female to ski-guide the Grand Teton- Ford, Chevy, Stettner Route
  • 2015 – 5 ski descents of the Grand Teton (1st time onsight of all climbing and 2x doing all leads)
  • 45 Ski Lines in Grand Teton National Park, 65+ Lines total in 1 calendar year

Skiing US 14ers:

  • Pyramid Peak (Landry Route)
  • Mt Wilson
  • Wilson Peak
  • El Diente
  • Crestone Peak
  • Crestone Needle
  • La Plata (North couloir)
  • Elbert
  • Humboldt
  • Quandary
  • Sneffels (3x The Trilogy)
  • Mt Shasta, CA
  • Mt Rainier (Camp Muir)


Grand Teton

5 descents

  • Stettner/Chevy/Ford route- 5 descents (2006, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016)
    • on the 1st- onsight/all leads- May 2006
  • Guided a Ski Descent for Jackson Hole Mountain Guides with Brian Warren – June 2, 2014 – 1st female to ski guide the Grand Teton
  • Otterbody Route- 1st female descent (2013)

South Teton

  • Amore Vida Couloir
  • Southeast Couloir
  • South East Face Direct

Middle Teton

  • Ellingwood Couloir
  • Summit- East Face to Glacier Route
  • Chouinard Couloir
  • Glacier route

Mt Moran

  • The Skillet
  • The Sickle Couloir


  • SE Couloir
  • South Couloir
  • East Face

Mt Owen

  • Koven Couloir face

Bivouac Peak

  • SE Couloir

Buck Mtn

  • East Face proper – 4
  • East Face to Upper Buck Shot Couloir

Mt Wister

  • SE Couloir
  • South Face
  • East Ridge to South Chute

Mt Woodring

  • The Fallopian Tube aka Carson’s North Couloir
  • SW Face from summit

Prospectors Mountain

  • Apocalypse Couloir
  • Son of Apocalypse Couloir
  • Grandson of Apocalypse Couloir
  • Variation of the Grandson of AC
  • Banana Couloir/SE Couloir
  • Pencil Couloir
  • Mayan Apocalypse

Static Peak

  • East Face

Eagles Rest Peak

  • East/SE Ridge
  • East Face

Veiled Peak

  • East Face/North Bowl

Cloudveil Dome

  • Sneaker Couloir

8,548 – 8,152

  • East, West, South, North routes

Waterfalls Canyon

Nez Pierce

Disappointment Peak

  • Spoon Couloir
  • The Red Sentinel Couloir

Mt St. Johns

  • NE Ramp

Rockchuck Peak

  • East face route
  • East ridge route

Shadow Peak

  • 4 Hour Couloir
  • North Couloir
  • East routes
  • Other N routes to Tomahawk etc

25 Short

  • Broken Thumb
  • East Face
  • Turkey Chute
  • Chute the Moon
  • Y Couloirs
  • other routes

Albright Peak / Wimpys area

  • East Face
  • North Couloirs – both
  • Peaches
  • Hangover route

Housetop Peak

  • SE bowl

10696 Peak

  • East Face

Wimpies Knob

  • Peaches Couloir
  • East Face

Pandoras Mountain

  • Pandora’s Arch

Beard Mountain

  • N/S faces

Mt Hunt

  • SE faces

Olive Oil/Mt Hunt

  • the Noodle Couloir
  • East face
  • West side

Cody Peak (area)

  • Pucker Face, No Shadow, Four Shadows, Central Couloir
  • Once is Enough, Twice is Nice
  • Shady Lady couloir
  • Zero G, M&M, Spacewalk
  • Mt Glory to Cody Peak traverse

Granite (area)

  • ABCs, Airforce, Spocks, NW passage, Christinas, Dwarves

Rendezvous Peak

  • St Patty’s Day Chute
  • Martini Chutes

No Name Peak

  • No Name Face, No Name Cliff
    • East Ridge No Name Peak
  • The Womb, The Tenderloin, The NE Gully

Pyramid Peak

  • North routes
  • East routes
  • South routes

Taylor Mtn

  • The Gash, East Face, SE Face, Secret Staircase, Backside West to Moose Creek etc

Oliver Peak

  • numerous routes

Mail Cabin area

  • numerous routes

Teton Pass – North & South

  • numerous routes


  • Jackson Peak
  • Cream Puff Peak


  • Ferry Peak
  • Deadhorse Peak
  • Horseshoe Peak
    • Other smaller peaks


  • Brooks Line Peak
  • Two Ocean Peak
  • Brecchia Peak
  • Angle Mountain – East & West


  • Warbonnet Peak- S Face/upper couloirs
  • Shiestler Peak- N Couloir
  • Temple Peak- S Couloir
  • Cirque of the Towers – col ski
  • Peak 11,930
  • Big Sandy- lower face

Kim has skied all the direct couloirs of the infamous Little Wasatch Ridge, Telluride, CO:

  • Heavens Eleven- 3 descents- 1st female descent
  • Grandfather Direct Couloir- 2 descents, 1st female descent
  • Oblivion Bowl to Grandfather- 3 descents- 1st female descent
  • The V Couloir- 1st descent with ski partner Josh Geeter
  • Hairy Banana- 1 descent
  • The North Y Couloir- 1 descent- 1st all female team
  • The Why Couloir- 10 descents
  • The Daisy Duke- 1 descent- 1st female descent
  • nearby San Juaquin Couloir- 20+ descents, 2 solo descents, Silver Chute- 6, & the Wire Couloir- 2, Ballard Pk West face Couloirs- 3 descents

* No O2 on any high altitude climbs, No on-mountain Sherpa support 

Named by Outside Magazine as a
“Preeminent Female Ski Mountaineer of our Time”

Listed by Backcountry Magazine as
“37 Most Important Women in Backcountry”

FALL 2015
Named by The Active Times as #23 of
“The World’s Best Athletes”

Best of Jackson Hole 2021
“Mountain Guide”

“I had an amazing opportunity to be guided by Kim to the top of the Grand Teton in early June 2014. I had already climbed the Grand by several routes but this time my desire was to ski down from the summit, which is a significant and serious undertaking. That May, I had just returned from a disastrous and disappointing attempt to climb Mt Everest and was dealing with “demons” that made me question my confidence and desire to take on additional mountaineering objectives.

I needed a challenge to “re-boot” my adventure psych and skiing the Grand seemed a worthy objective to help cure me of my funk and rid me of the demons. I went with a lot of trepidation. The prior year, I had undergone total knee replacement thus making me the first person to attempt skiing the Grand with two artificial knees. At age 61, I might also have been quite old relative to other skiers who have attempted skiing that mountain.
From the moment we met and stepped on the mountain, Kim’s cheerful and ultra-positive demeanor was an instant breath of fresh air and a tremendous motivator.

Over the next two day climb and ski descent her hooting and hollering of encouragement to me, not to mention exhibiting her own joy of being in such an amazing place, made me very comfortable and at ease. Her excitement was really contagious. I never felt tired primarily because she kept yelling to me how strong I was so how could I ever let her down? Stepping into my skis on top of the Grand was a little nerve racking as the exposure is tremendous but I knew I was in good hands. My concern turned to an adrenaline fueled sense of joy and adventure as we made our way down the steep slopes of the Ford Couloir and then transitioned to a roped rappel down the Stettner and Chevy Couloirs and then back again on skis to go down the “apron” to our base camp.

Kim felt more like a ski partner friend than a guide, other than the fact that her knowledge and expertise was always in play and on display. I felt like she was having as much fun as I was and not just out doing her job. That makes a huge difference when having a guided experience. I would recommend Kim for any kind of guided adventure in the mountains as she can make some of the inherent drudgery seem like the best part of the journey. Kim’s combination of talent, skill, and caring positive cheerful personality are a rare package in the guiding world.”

– Greg Paul, climber/skier, owner of Momentum Climbing Gyms