Deep in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia Chris Rubens, Elyse Saugstad and Kim Havell put the new Salomon Guardian binding to the test.

Salomon Freeski TV

Kim Havell, Chris Rubens, and Kris Erickson make their way to Morocco to put down first descents in Africa’s Atlas Range.

Salomon Freeski TV

Wyoming’s remote and vast wilderness provides the perfect canvas for Alpinists Kim Havell and Julia Heemstra to redefine preconceptions of the feminine. Isolated and exposed on the raw granite peaks of the Wind River Range, the experience of these two women explores the fabric of loss, life, and friendship.

A film by: Dan Holz | Kaare Iverson | Eric Elofson

A short outtake edit from filming during the 2014 winter season in the Jackson, WY backcountry.

Skiing the Sliver Couloir on Nez Pierce in Grand Teton National Park. A 1,500ft descent at 11,900ft that averages 50 degrees (45-55). GOPRO Footage from 1 continuous run by Kim Havell. 5,300ft ascent from trailhead, 8.5 miles round trip.

The ultra-classic Otter Body route on the Grand Teton was first skied in 1996 when Jackson locals Doug Coombs and Mark Newcomb headed up to give it a try. It was Newcomb’s job interview for a guide position with Coomb’s heli-ski operation in Alaska. He passed the test, and the duo headed up north shortly thereafter. The route has seen more skiers since then, including a few in 2013, with Exum guides Zahan Billamoria, Brendan O’Neill, Dan Corn, and a few others pulling off winter descents, and Kim Havell completing a first female descent in the spring. This short film documents some of what goes into skiing one of the biggest lines in the US with The Otter Kind.